Dollar Shave Club

I'm officially a fan-boy.

For those of you who don't know me, I require a lot of razor blades, thankfully I've got startifacts taking care of that. I shave my head, and if I could get a job growing beards, I'd be among the highest paid members of my profession. Think: "I just saw you last week. Where the hell did you get that four-inch goatee?"

In case you haven't noticed, razor blades are not cheap. They're also not good.

I've been a Schick Quattro guy for a few years now. I pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $18 for 8 replacement blades, and I go through about 2 a week. If I decide to go 10 days or so without shaving, I'll burn an extra one or two on top of that. Seriously. I should have gone into radio. Or poetry. You know, something where I'm not in front of people and pretty shaggy totally isn't an issue as long as you don't stink.

Then I learned about Dollar Shave Club back in late February. For the price, I couldn't say no to trying it. I joined their $9 a month plan, which includes a handle at sign-up and then three 5-blade razors a month.

And then I got this email:

Last week the Internet came to visit, and as a result, we're unable to fulfill your order right now.

Yes, we think this sucks too. But we're giving you options.

Those options were take your money back now, no harm, no foul, or wait it out and we'll ship in May.

It's embarrassing not to be able to fulfill first orders. It's also a pretty awesome problem to have way exceeded your initial expectations.

I decided to wait it out. I mean, it's still the same amount of money, and it's still way cheaper than I've been paying.

They said they'd ship on the 15th, so I haven't actually shaved in a week, anticipating the arrival of my new razor. It came today, and it took care of a week's worth of growth cleanly. No razor burn (what?!), no cuts, no dulling. The blades are pretty freakin' amazing. And they're half the price of what I've been paying.

Good customer service recovery, and a great product. I get a free month if you use my link. Please do. Here it is.

2 Thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club

  1. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Think I’m going to sign up just because of the video (I’ll be sure to use your link). Thanks Josh.

  2. Jason on 06/17/2012 at 14:11 said:

    Forget Dollar Shave Club. Cancel the subscription now. Buy directly from DorcoUSA, their supplier, and save more than you could’ve imagined. Buy a handle and then the refills individually, or go with one of their bundle packs. I bought and received the “May Frugal Dude Pack” and I now have enough 3,4 and 6 blade razors to last WELL over a year for just $25.00 (free shipping on orders of $25 or more). Check it out. You’ll like.

    3 Blade Handle (comes with a couple of refills in the package) $3.25

    3 Blade Refill Cartridges (pack of 4) $2.50


    4 Blade Handle (comes with a couple of refills in the package) $4.25

    4 Blade Refill Cartridges (pack of 4) $3.50


    6 Blade Handle (comes with a couple of refills in the package) $4.50

    6 Blade Refill Cartridges (pack of 4) $3.99

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