Stuff to help you start writing. Plus: Doing the work.

You may have noticed some all-of-a-sudden increased blogging around these parts the past few weeks.

That's in no small part due to a couple of non-fiction books by Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance and others. Those books are Do the Work and Turning Pro. They're about getting over whatever the things are that are telling you to go do anything else but your art, and then further, finishing your project and trying to sell it, even if it's not particularly sellable.

What's a rejection letter or 20 among friends? Or enemies, for that matter? At least a rejection letter means you tried, which puts you ahead of most other people.

Pressfield, by the way, also writes a weekly column about writing called Writing Wednesdays.

Clearly, I've been doing a lot of the first part – the sitting down and writing.

And to tell you the truth, I may take more of this advice as I go forward, and even if I write five or eight or ten blog posts in a week, I'll go down to publishing two or three times a week, giving myself time to edit and even giving myself a day off here and there.

The second bit of Pressfield's advice has been on submitting your finished work.

It's easy to hit "Publish" on a blog. I paid for my own URL and for my hosting plan (it's really a nominal fee, why wouldn't I?), but you don't even have to do that. You can just set it up for free. You don't even have to tell anybody.

But I'm going to get back into submitting work. At least one piece a month, and my first piece has a submission deadline of August 1, which is a w eek from tomorrow.

Which means I'd better getting to the editing-for-awesome piece of it.

I'll be taking many of my submission ideas from some of Hope Clark's newsletters. She writes at Funds for Writers, and I highly recommend that if you need a contest (genre or literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever), you start subscribing to her newsletters.

The writing is mostly done already, so I'm down to the editing piece.


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