4 tips for hanging doors

JB and I put up a couple of doors today.

As a human services and English major, respectively, we're not the most mechanically inclined people.

Because we already had door frames in, we didn't get pre-hung doors (also, that saved us something on the order of $150 a door).

Our doors were not standard sizes, so we had to have them ordered. Here are some tips we picked up along the way.

1. How to measure. Measure the interior of the door frame, then subtract an inch horizontally and two inches vertically. You need room for the door to hang, open and close.

2. Know which direction the door opens. I can't stress this enough. Whoever put in the previous door had it wrong at our place, and the latch for the doorknob sits too low on one of the doors.

3. Order the door with the hole for the doorknob drilled. It was so worth the $5 extra to have them punch that hole for me. It would have taken me hours.

4. Study your other doors first. Understand how you're going to have to hang it first; I put the first hinge on incorrectly three times before I got it right.

What else would you like to know about how we got the doors up?

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