Book Review: Days After the Crash by Joshua Fields Millburn

Sometimes you have to hit both walls before you find the middle.

Joshua Fields Millburn's novella "Days After the Crash" is a look at life, post-passion and post-tragedy.

Our protagonist, Jody, had some success in music and some success in love and now, divorced and trying to remember what being passionate about music feels like, he gets a call from his estranged, recovering alcoholic mother, who is back on the bottle and, it turns out, sick.

We often talk about needing to hit bottom to start working your way back to the top. I'm a big fan of Millburn's horizontal metaphor instead: find the middle. There you have balance, and wider perspective. And it's scary in the middle – you can move far in any direction and things can come at you from any direction, but if you hang out at the edge, all you can really do is observe.

Millburn is one of the authors of The Minimalists, a blog by a couple of guys who quit high-paying corporate jobs to throw out their crap and really work on the important stuff.

I'm sitting here at my desk looking around, and I see I've cleared off the space in the middle, where the action is happening.

What's all this other crap on my desk? I feel a project coming on.

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