Do it like it’s your life, not like it’s your job

We have this expression in the U.S., to do something "like it's your job." The slang dictionary has a great entry on it:

To show extreme dexterity at a certain skill, such as "That guy at KFC ate chicken like it was his job."

OK, so the example was a little weak, considering depending on why the guy was at KFC, eating chicken might actually have been his job.

But why are we using our jobs as the marker of effort and ability? Stop. Now.

Don't get me wrong. I work my ass off at my job. Someone else is paying me money to do so. I know if I were paying someone to do something, I'd want them to work their ass off at it.

But I'm pretty fucking awesome outside of my job, too. I work just as hard to be an amazing person and enjoy my life outside of work. There are things that are more important than work, even if you have a really important job, like firefighter or something.

Proposal: Start doing things like they're your life. If you think your life is drab, boring, not important or less than your work, reconsider your priorities and start living better, harder, faster, more. Like your life depends on it, because it does.

Do it like it's your fucking life.


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