The new Natur-Tyme

There's a grand opening celebration at the newly relocated Natur-Tyme this weekend.

The food and supplement store moved from their location on a dead-end stretch off Bridge Street (technically, I think it was on Bridge Street, but not really) to a much bigger space on Erie Boulevard East, in the former Goldberg's Furniture space.

The new space has a community meeting room, a salon, and a cafe that serves coffee, espresso drinks and smoothies.

I like the new location – it's very spacious (customers can actually walk up and down the aisle without numerous apologies), and they have a great commitment to New York State foods; there are featured spaces on shelves and in refrigerators for New York-produced foods.

The coffee is, as is usual for anything with an organic label, way overpriced – I paid $2 and some change for a small cup – but better than other cafes in the area (cafes really is a misnomer, since those area "cafes" are Denny's, Friendlys, Dunkin Donuts, IHOP, Barnes & Noble and Panera). Prices throughout the rest of the store are, like in the prior location, a mixed bag (some fancy New York cheeses for under $5, but some natural peanut butter for near $9).

It's definitely worth a look, but if you're in it for things like the supplements, do some comparison shopping because I'm betting a lot of the stuff can be found elsewhere for comparable or cheaper prices.


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