Success, failure, and whatever that all means

I'm a failure.

I'm not being hard on myself when I say that, I just mean to say that sometimes, I fail. It's not a judgment, merely a fact.

I'm also a success.

I'm not saying that to pump my ego, I just mean to say that sometimes, I succeed. It's not a judgment, merely a fact.

I read something this week from Joshua Fields Millburn about letting go of sentimental things. It's not something I do often, or well. My Moment helped a little bit last week. I did shed some books and some kitchen items (seriously, we had multiple pots and pans that we haven't used in at least two years), but I certainly kept books that people had written in, even if I don't plan to read them again.

Also: I have a boatload of photos. I'm going to put in the hours to digitize those.

Yeah, digression. Success, failure. Right. That's where we're going.

I'm reworking my priorities, what I understand success and failure to be, and how I approach stuff.

And by stuff, I mean stuff. Physical things.

Memories are stored inside us, not in attics, basements, airtight boxes or vacuum-sealed bags. Not even in pages or picture frames or newspaper clippings or boxes with motivational sayings on them.

The more I reflect on my life, the more successful I see I've been.




  • I think we do what we do and get to work on these concepts of success and failure. Unlike you, I’ve never seen myself in either of these terms. I’ve achieved some things but I’ve never been successful. Some things haven’t worked and yet I’ve never failed. I just haven’t been either good enough or bad enough for either in my vision.

    Of course now I’m on a major quest to attain a dream, and I have a year. Success won’t necessarily be measured by whether I hit the dream or not, though my mind is set to hit it, and the same goes for failure. What will define success and failure in my mind is if I grow from the experience or not. And most probably, me being me, I’ll still end up somewhere in the middle. 😉
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..I Found A Dream; Now The Goals…

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