Happy birthday to me

Today I enter my 36th year on the planet. At least in this incarnation; depends on your beliefs in that. Whatever, this is something of an existential post, but not that much.

Here are 12 things I'm going to do during the next year.

1. Read. I have a growing list, and I'm actually keeping it visible.
2. Pare back. I've dumped a lot of stuff over the past six months, and I'm going to continue doing that. The house will be cleaner, and I'll have less stuff I'm not using hanging out, taking up space.
3. Meditate. I find the older I get, the more easily frustrated I am, and the more difficult it is to bring myself back to center.
4. Write. I have a list here, too.
5. Save. My auto loan and most of my school loans will be paid off by the end of 2013. I will finally start tucking some money away.
6. Listen. It's still one of my favorite things to do, and I need to do more of it. To music, to audiobooks, to people.
7. Fast. I find great comfort in fasting Yom Kippur. I'll allow myself water and tea, but I'm going to fast monthly and see if that helps with the centering.
8. Make time. I've been pretty good about getting un-busy over the past six months; I expect I'll be making the right changes to give people time and attention.
9. Learn some home improvement. I think I've learned a lot this year. I've never been a tinkerer, but my confidence has grown a lot. I'm going to try to pick a project with more visibility than a door in the basement or a flat tire and give it a shot.
10. Visit a place I've never been. OK, I'll admit that my parents moved to a place I've never been and I can fulfill this just by going to see them, but I'm going to try to get to a few more, too.
11. Get more fresh air. I have changes in the works already that will give me more time outside. Even in a cold climate, that's important to me. It keeps my head a little clearer, and makes breathing easier.
12. Experience. If I'm behind a camera or tweeting an event, I'm not experiencing it. I've already changed a lot of what I do with social media, but expect that I'll do even less recording; there will be more commentary.

What are you changing over the next year?

4 Thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. Happy birthday Josh! I love this list… I’d say don’t keep your house cleaner, though. Why waste time cleaning SO often instead of focusing on the other items? (I know it was a sub-part, but still!). 🙂

    Enjoy your day and your next year!!! You know what’s important and I’m learning from you all the time!
    Tracy recently posted..The Anti-Pinterest

    • Thanks, Tracy! I won’t be cleaning the house more; as a result of tossing more stuff that I don’t use, the house will get cleaner on its own. Less stuff, less mess!

  2. Happy Birthday Josh! You are an inspiration to a lot of us that just muddle through! My job title is organizer–but the only thing I don’t organize is me.

    I’m going to steal the more clean air goal when I draw up my end of year ideas.
    Phil recently posted..What A Dick Move!

    • Thanks, Phil! OK, you can take the clean air goal at the end of the year, or you can stop reading and step outside for 10 minutes right now!

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