Welcoming 2013

If you're reading this, the world didn't end Dec. 21 (I'm writing this ahead of time, just in case). I said last year that I was going to do two things: be more patient and get more face-to-face time with people. The more patient thing definitely happened. The face-to-face time thing, not so much, but […]

In defense of 4 a.m.

Yep, it happened. @jbbusch referred to "last night" and I referred to "tonight," and we meant the same night. #earlyshift #overnightshift — Josh Shear (@JoshShear) December 17, 2012 I used to get up early. Really early. 4:30 or so. Now I'm just going to bed at that hour. And I have to say I'm loving […]

Book Review: The Secret History of the World; also: The world will not end 12/21/12

Let's start with this: The world will not end on Friday. The Mayan calendar ends then. Or maybe it's an Aztec calendar someone found in Mayan territory (because they were kind of in the same area anyway). But you know what could happen? The sun could come under the influence of Aquarius. Yep, I can […]

Where is news headed now?

You probably missed 'Hi and Lois' on Monday. Go ahead, click on it, I'll wait the 20 seconds. Welcome back. The fact is, more newspapers are, in fact, stopping print publication, or severely decreasing it. I'm working in media again now, after almost three years out of the industry, and online-only or primarily-online is much […]

On sprawl, and standing your ground

[photo by skrewtape] The deer aren't running away anymore. They're only stepping back far enough to reassess the situation. When I was reporting for the Chicopee Herald from 2000-2003, I understood sprawl primarily as a "white flight" phenomenon. It goes something like this. "OMG! People who look different from me are moving into my neighborhood! […]