The loudest key is the one that creates the space between the words

I've been doing quiet a lot lately.

I finished a nearly 27-month position at Gold's Gym recently. I learned a lot. One thing I didn't get any of while I was there, was quiet. With the overhead music going, the weights clanging, the elliptical machines whirring, feet stamping on treadmills, or people just saying hello, it was never quiet.

As I transition into this new position with Advance Digital, I've had a chance to do a complete overhaul of my day. I work from 6pm to 3am Thursday through Monday. I work from home. My sleeping patters are all messed up; it's going to take me a few more weeks to learn how to sleep late, rather than to get up at 8 and settle in for a 3-hour nap sometime before I sign in at 6.

Instead of turning on the radio now when I wake up, I know I'll get plenty of news throughout the day (unlike at the gym), so I pour some coffee and step into the yard with Rufus (we get a couple of walks in later in the day), return some personal email, do a run of Facebook and Twitter, and hit some house chores or read or go to the gym to get some exercise (somehow I'm doing that a lot more frequently, even though I only had to go downstairs when I was working there).

Some days, I don't talk to anybody except JB. She says goodbye when she leaves at 4:15am, and then whenever she gets home, that's the next time I open my mouth. The loudest thing throughout my day is typically the running of the filter on the fish tank, or Rufus's clicking on the hardwood. Right now I have the dishwasher going in the other room right now. I can hear every slight change in its cycle. The loudest thing in the room is the keyboard I'm typing on. The loudest key on the keyboard is the space bar.

The loudest key is the one that creates the space between the words. That's one to grow on, I think.


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