Listening: Public Radio Remix

Much of our entertainment is consumed passively, as a secondary resource.

The average American household watches eight hours of television a day. My household is bringing that average up a lot of days. But "watching" is not necessarily true. Really, a television is on for eight hours a day in the average American household.

Largely, though, the people are doing something else actively. Cooking or cleaning or (in my case) working. The TV is merely on in the background.

The same is often true of music as well. People will turn on music and do something like exercise or work in the garden or read.

I've been listening to a lot of Public Radio Remix lately. A lot. Sometimes it's eight or ten hours a day. And it's so interesting that often it's a primary activity. Sure, I'll do some cleaning or shave or write this blog post while listening to it, but if I'm going to sit outside with a book, I always wind up putting the book down if I have it on.

What they do is replay stories from some of my favorite public radio shows (most of them provided through PRX) – shows like 99% Invisible, Snap Judgment and The Moth – as well as the occasional TED talk.

I've been listening on the WRVO app, which also gives you mobile access to the station proper, as well as a BBC Radio stream, along with recent episodes of some of the shows WRVO syndicates, like Prairie Home Companion, but you can listen on PRX or the Public Radio Remix website or probably a bunch of other places.

Recipe: Lobster mac ‘n’ cheese

So, yeah, it's been awhile. My bad. I've no excuses outside of general laziness mixed in with some selfishness. In the spirit of getting back into it, I thought I'd share the meal I made the night I proposed that JB and I get married. She said yes; feel free to take that as a vote of confidence in this meal.

You could modify this about a thousand ways, most of them not nearly as intricate as this. There were three steps.

2013-03-22 19.37.52(1) The pasta

Make some pasta. I don't think you need instructions. I used some sort of spiral something, you know, cause it's fancy-ish.

(2) The stuff (lobster and veggies)

I caramelized a couple of large onions in uncured, pepper bacon with a little bit of sesame oil. I then added some oyster mushrooms and some asparagus.

Separately, I boiled some lobster tails (I mixed cold water and warm water), then cracked the shells and cut them up.

You can now put the veggies and lobster over the pasta and toss it all.

(3) The cheese

This is where the overkill comes in. The cheese sauce is:

- A stick of butter
- A bit of heavy cream
- A can of chicken broth (at this point, the low-sodium stuff doesn't make a difference, so you may as well go whole-hog)

- Cayenne cheddar
- Salsa jack
- Cranberry chipotle cheddar
- Bacon gouda
- Swiss
- Rustico red pepper
- Blue-shire

Pour the sauce over everything stir it, then eat. Pairs well with a semi-dry or semi-sweet white.