#100plus100plus1: The wrap-up

I've just wrapped up my (own) #100plus100plus1 fitness challenge. There were several purposes here, but mainly they were getting stronger, kick-starting my stalled weight loss, and sticking to a routine. Most goals are arbitrary anyway, so I set these for October: each day, do 100 pushups and 100 situps, and run a mile.

Here's the round-up:

Weight lost: 6.0 pounds
Pushups done: 3,100, plus a few dozen here and there
Situps done: 3,100, and not a single one more
Distance run: 51.07 miles
Time spent running: 8.32 hours
Other exercises: Mostly recovery; some very light lat pull-downs (typically in the 70-pound range, where I would normally be in the 120-pound range), kettle bell swings, that sort of thing.


What I expected: I love pushups, mostly because you can just drop and do them anywhere; it really doesn't even matter what you're wearing for clothes because the range of motion isn't anything different from what you need standing up in most cases. I expected by the end of the month I'd be rattling out sets of 50 or more.

The reality: Every day turned out to be too much of a good thing. I definitely got stronger (you can see my second two-minute for max pushups yielded more than my first), but the fatigue was so bad in the last week that I had to do sets of 10 and 15 for a couple of days. At the end, I was still able to do sets of 35, but with a day's rest thrown in every 10 days or so, I probably would have made some actual advances. We'll see as my workouts progress.


What I expected: I hate situps. I expected to continue to hate them. Mostly I know that in real life you'd never isolate your abs like you do with situps, but supposedly it's a basic exercise, so I should be able to do them.

The reality: Yep, still hate them. But I went from struggling to do 10 to 15 of them at a time to not really struggling until I was doing 25 and 30. I was actually worried early on that I wasn't going to be able to handle the situps when my back was closer to that bad injured sore than to that well-worked muscle sore, but I never quite let it get that bad.


What I expected: Big suckage. I play sprint sports like tennis, racquetball and softball. I pretty much never have to run more than 120 feet at a time, and what's that take, six or eight seconds? I did try a compressed couch to 5K program over the summer and was able to run 2.25 miles and it was all painful, even with the intervals. So I expected that I'd run about 1.02 miles every day except maybe a run to failure on the last day for perhaps 33 miles on the month.

The reality: I'm fatigued at the end of the month, but I wound up running a smidge over 51 miles, with the only two-steps-past-a-mile day on the last day, and that was about a minute faster than I was running at the beginning of the month. I did 5K distance twice, and I actually enjoyed it most days. Some days I didn't even get into it until I was two-thirds of a mile in – which I guess is dangerous because it means a lot of bargaining at the beginning, instead of striving at the end, but it made a mile a much less daunting distance.

The rest

Would you do it again? I would do a run streak again. Holy endorphins, Batman, and let's be honest, my pre-workout includes a dopamine modulator, so I'm just a happy guy after a while. But one weight-bearing (even body weight) exercise every day is too much. I will definitely balance my workouts better as I move forward, even if I include something like pushups three or four times a week.

Were you happy with the weight loss? Yeah. I ate like crap most of the month, so the fact that I could still lose almost a pound and a half a week means that if I make up my mind to eat better, the weight will just fall off. I've lost 18 pounds since early July of this year; I'm hoping another 20 will get me to a good show-offy body composition for the wedding next July, and even if I slow down to 4 pounds a month, that gives me plenty of time; the trick is to continue to lose fat and not muscle, which is what happens to a lot of people when they lose weight quickly.

Your turn

I know some of you tried it with me much of the month (one person dropped out so he could run a marathon and this would have derailed him; totally a reasonable excuse), and some of you were thinking about it. Stop thinking. Just get off the couch and give it a try.

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