Be the best you that you can be

The day after the Super Bowl, the pundits were talking about Peyton Manning's legacy. How, if he'd led the Denver Broncos to victory, we had to seriously think about whether he was the best quarterback ever. But because the Seahawks won, it now relegates Manning to maybe top five of all time, but there's no chance he's the best.

Here's the thing: WHO THE FUCK CARES? No question, Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks to have every played professional football. It's not just his numbers that bear that out — it's also his on-field abilities and intelligence. But it doesn't matter if Peyton Manning is the best ever, or if Joe Montana is the best ever, or if Russell Wilson turns out to be the best ever.

If Peyton Manning is the best Peyton Manning he can be, he should be proud. If he's not the best Peyton Manning he can be, then he's got some work to do.

You, too. You don't need to be the fastest runner in your office or the best salesperson on the tennis court. You don't need to hit the longest golf ball, ski the steepest slope or play the loudest horn.

You just have to be the best you you can be. And when you get there, get better.

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  1. Josh, well said and it reminds me of another person I follow. They preach health and fitness but ultimately it’s about being the best version of yourself. Growing stronger overall – the best you you can be. See Elliott Hulse His YouTube channel might be the best place to see what he does.
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  2. In many ways it doesn’t matter, but in some it does. For instance, Michael Jordan wanted to be the greatest ever and worked hard at it. In the end, most people think he was the greatest basketball player ever.

    However, I’m not one of those folks. I’ve always believed the greatest basketball player of all time was Wilt Chamberlain. Put his numbers up against Jordan and they’re unmatched.

    Yet, we have two things. First, Jordan won 6 championships while Wilt won 2. Second, different eras, different surrounding players of varying talents. In the end trying to judge one against the other is more about how each of us interprets what someone else does.

    At that point it doesn’t matter who’s better than someone else because the parameters can never be equal. That’s where being the best you that you can be is most important. It might be good enough for others to say you were the best or not, but who cares? At least you’re in the conversation, and if not, at least you know you did what you could, and always tried to be better.
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    • But do you think that Wilt Chamberlain or Michael Jordan ever went home, even once, after having a bad game and said, “That’s OK, I’m still the best player of my generation”?

      Without having the opportunity to ask them, I’d wager they’d both say those nights — those nights when they didn’t play to their own potential — were the ones they couldn’t sleep, when they felt like they had to be better, not for fear of becoming the second best player of their generation, but for fear of becoming the second best version of themselves.

      I know Michael Jordan appears concerned about his legacy with Lebron James quickly coming into that discussion, but I don’t think he’d feel that way if he hadn’t given his all every time he was out on the floor, and in fact, I don’t think he’d have a right to. If he went out and gave only enough to get by every night, it would show.

      And what if it turns out that Darko Milicic is the best player who ever lived? In the end, what impact does it have on you, and how you create your legacy? If you, Mitch Mitchell, are not in the conversation for being the best Mitch Mitchell you could have been, it doesn’t matter in the end what your legacy is in your job.

      • I’m thinking we’re arguing the same point, just in different ways. You always try to be the best you can be, but it’s nice having something to measure yourself against. You play tennis; if the score doesn’t matter then what’s the point of playing to win? Playing to become better, having fun that way while doing it, great; have at it. I always think that top quality comes from competition of some sort, yet it doesn’t mean that one can’t be very good and earn a living at it, or maybe just satisfaction, by being the best they can be. Either way, it’s much better than shooting for mediocrity.
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