Want to crush life? Take a chance at getting crushed

"A wiser fellow than myself once said, 'Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar, well, it eats you'."

I've been thinking recently about what's it like to feel on both sides of things. My summer, some of you might know, was a little crazy. I was tied up with a bad case of poison ivy for three weeks — two of those weeks, I was on a steroid that kept me awake. I slept a total of about 30 hours in 14 days.

[by Stephen Goodman]
By the time I woke up and caught up from that mess, the blisters gone and the rashes mostly faded, I was getting married, a total reversal of feeling. Three days later, I was mowing the lawn and got too close to a nest I didn't know was in the ground, and wound up getting stung several times by wasps. My forearm was almost as thick as my thigh for a couple of days.

Talk about a back-and-forth with Mother Nature for a little bit.

I've made my peace, though. I went right back to the park where I picked up the poison ivy; the first time I ran there I wore long pants, but I now run there regularly, though I stay on wider, more known trails.

But something that came to me in all my feeling down, is that you need to accept the potential that you'll feel down if you ever want to feel up. And then there are orders of magnitude: you can only get as far up as you're willing to go down.

Take, for example, power lifter Mark Bell. Dude tried to squat 1,085 pounds, and he didn't make it (he told former pro wrestler Steve Austin that one of his spotters was injured (auto-play, NSFW). But he tried (the successful squat here is 1,036 pounds).

There's one extreme. You may have already seen my example of the other.

Arthur was injured. He got fat. He got depressed. He tried everything. None of it worked. Well, almost everything. He found a yoga instructor (also a former pro wrestler) willing to take him on.

He failed a lot, but then he succeeded.

Watching this might actually be the best 9 minutes you spend this week.

What are you willing to risk to move ahead?


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