First half marathon diary, Week 10

Happy Monday, friends!

Normally the first time I do a distance it's a struggle, I'm unsure about how it's going to go. I wind up slugging through with my pacing all over the place and hopefully not feeling awful. This week was different. Eight miles for the first time went smoothly (if slowly), with the fastest and slowest miles being 52 seconds apart (compare that to last week, when the difference between my fastest and slowest miles over a seven-mile run was about 3:20). I'm excited to be traveling next week. I'm not sure what my time Internet access will be like, so if there's not a Week 11, all the numbers will come in the Week 12 diary.


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Miles logged last week: 23.6
Time logged last week: 4:36:18
Weeks until race: 13
Weight: 161

Sweaty Josh picture of the week

2015-08-08 13.04.41

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