Working the tools: The gavel (cutting out the excess)

Via Leading Change in Freemasonry on Facebook.

While this post will ring a little louder with Masons, I think it’s important for everyone. Masonry is, after all, designed to make us better people.

In the first degree, one of the working tools we’re given is the common gavel. It is used to trim the excess from our lives. It really is one of the hardest things in our lives: recognizing the stuff that is keeping us from doing the important stuff.

Taking Facebook quizzes instead of turning off the lights and getting to bed early enough for eight hours’ sleep before your alarm goes off; binge-watching “Modern Family” instead of opening that biography you’ve been saying would inspire you to greatness; shopping for shoes on Zappos instead of launching that new business you’ve been talking about — these are the excesses we face every day, the things that keep us from reaching our potential.

Not to say that those things are bad, nor that sometimes they’re a welcome diversion. Sometimes you need to zone out in front of the TV, and sometimes you wear a hole in the sole of your sneakers. Sometimes Facebook is the best way to be in touch with friends and family.

I’ve been starting to use my gavel more and more. I’m saying no to projects that aren’t either fulfilling or worthwhile from a financial standpoint. I’m making progress on some projects that have been on my plate for a long time. I’m making sure I connect with people it’s important I stay connected to. I’m writing more.

I feel good. I’m sure there’s more I could do, but baby steps are so much better than no steps. Or giant leaps that don’t stick.

Bonus: The Masonic Roundtable discusses balance.


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