First half marathon diary, Week 18

Happy Monday once again, friends!

Well, this was an odd week...I wound up having to buy new sneakers, which is awful five weeks ahead of a race, but they're nearly the same as the ones that my toes finally poked through. It was really humid early in the week, and my 6-mile run really was terrible (I actually stopped after 2.5 miles and had a little heart-to-heart with myself and went out and ran another 3.5).

Then Saturday came. I got out early to try to beat the majority of the rain, and I planned what was supposed to be a 12-mile route really poorly. At 10.5 miles, I realized I either had to start running around the block, or just extend it, so I went ahead and extended my route, finishing at 13.2 miles — just a smidge past race distance, and I finished in 2:18:41, almost exactly at my predicted race pace, which was to be 2:20. So, we'll get a couple more in, but I'm comfortable at the distance (I still managed to do some laundry and work a full day afterward). Yay!


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Miles logged last week: 27.29
Time logged last week: 4:48:04
Weeks until race: 5
Weight: 151

This post is brought to you by Shroom Tech Sport, my pre-workout of choice. No caffeine, no shakes, no weird warm feeling coming over you. Just some extra drive to get you through.

Sweaty Josh picture of the week

Gak! Did I accidentally run 13.2 miles?!


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