First half marathon diary, Week 20

Happy Monday!

Well, with a visitor in town over the long weekend, we kinda ate a bunch of junk food, but I ran faster and managed to maintain just under 150 pounds, which is my goal for race day. The move is almost done, I have one more long run before the race, and I'm excited to hopefully just cruise on toward race day!


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Miles logged last week: 26.41
Time logged last week: 4:24:45
Weeks until race: 3
Weight: 149

This post is brought to you by Shroom Tech Sport, my pre-workout of choice. No caffeine, no shakes, no weird warm feeling coming over you. Just some extra drive to get you through.

Sweaty Josh picture of the week

One of my favorite local beers for recovery. Who cares if I finished running at 10:30am?


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