First half marathon training diary, Week 21

Happy Monday!

It was a physically taxing week, getting the rest of the furniture into the new place and such, but still managed to keep race pace for a 13-miler on Saturday, and really wasn't quite four minutes slower for the week over last week. I do need to clean up my diet for taper week and race week, but that'll be easy enough now that we're in the new place and not driving back and forth at least once a day, trying to squeeze in meals (and sleep) where I can.

I made the final long run before race day as close to race day as possible, sending a backpack to work with my wife, getting up at are-you-kidding-me o'clock, riding my bike to where we'll park our bikes, walking to the start line, and getting started, well, about 15 minutes before race time. I didn't run the course, but I did get distance and time.


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Miles logged last week: 26.41
Time logged last week: 4:28:22
Weeks until race: 2
Weight: 149

This post is brought to you by Shroom Tech Sport, my pre-workout of choice. No caffeine, no shakes, no weird warm feeling coming over you. Just some extra drive to get you through.

Sweaty Josh picture of the week

Had a chilly morning this week, we did!


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