Links of the Week, Oct. 13, 2015


» How an interspecies one-night stand in the ice age affects us all today
» While the profit margins on flying are getting slimmer, the airlines are trying to get more people on planes. See some of the awful seating arrangements some have come up with
» Some of the best newspaper gems from time capsules
» Imagine sending your child for a paternity test and finding out that who you thought was the father is, but it turns out you're not the mother? It's rare, but DNA testing is turning up a form of chimerism in which genes aren't passed along "correctly."
» From Flagstaff, Maine, to Calico, California, here are some great American ghost towns
» Liquid armor that can solidify on demand: The US military may get an "iron man" outfit soon
» And lastly, it's that time of year again! Photos from the 2015 World Beard & Moustache Competition

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