Links of the week, Oct. 27, 2015


» From the most expectant mothers in a prenatal yoga class to the world's largest "Thriller" dance, see some of the weirdest world records
» Are you as sick of stupid baby names as I am? No? Well, here are a bunch of weird baby names celebrities have come up with
» In time for Halloween, check out the true stories behind some great horror films.
» As long as we're doing Halloween, we might as well look at some abandoned places in New Jersey
» Oh, and some photos from the Halloween Dog Parade in NYC (and even more photos from the parade)
» You think booze fixes a lot of your problems? Maybe you're right. Check out a history of cocktails as medicine.
» Vogue likes these looks on men. I think if people walked into the bar wearing some of this stuff, you might say some not-so-nice things about them.

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