Links of the week, Oct. 6, 2015

Early concept drawings of Jiminy Cricket

» Do you like old things? How about things that have been around for thousands of years but may go extinct soon? Look here.
» It seems like every generation or so, pinup girls get reborn; in the current iteration, roller derby culture is the mainstream manifestation. But look back on some iconic WWII pinups.
» What does Terry Gilliam, of Monty Python fame, think are the the best animated films ever?
» And while we're on animation, check out these Disney drawings you probably haven't seen before!
» Matt Sweeney has played on tons of songs you've heard. And he fell into it. I especially like his story about working on Johnny Cash's posthumous albums. Hear him talk to Marc Maron.
» There's a cafe in London that only serves breakfast cereal. And it really makes some people angry.
» Wow! A paralyzed man is walking again thanks to a computer hooked into his brain.

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