Links of the week: Nov. 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Well, I think this is going to be the final links post like this, in an effort to put better work into the weekly longer-form posts on Thursdays. We've been at this over a year now, between the newsletter and then moving to the blog, and we've shared somewhere along the lines of 400 links. If you ever want to head down a rabbit hole or two or three, go see some of the past posts.

Here are seven more to go explore:

» Nine videos of kayakers going over waterfalls
» Does alcohol really kill brain cells? How much of our brains do we really use? Debunking some widely accepted brain myths.
» These places look like paintings, but they're real.
» Amazing artwork, with coffee as the paint
» Find out which celebrities are haunting us
» The great Stephen Hawking did a Reddit AMA early this year. Read some of the top questions and answers from it.
» And finally, in light of the attacks in Libya and Paris last week, Bertrand Russell on love and hate, with a bonus look back at The Atlantic's piece on armchair outrage.

Stephen Hawking

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