Josh: The Podcast, Episode 6: American Cockroach Awareness Week

Links to stuff I talk about:
Orpheus Atalanta
1 Million Cups
Tails of the Lowcountry
Urban Savannah Chamber of Commerce
Barnes Restaurant
Get out of your own rut
Is this Donald Trump's VP shortlist?
Does Facebook hide conservative news from trending topics? An ex-employee says yes, the site says no.
#WeThePeople Live, and specifically, Ep. 40
Bernie Sanders supporters proffer death threats over delegates in Nevada
Backpack Buddies
Palmetto bugs
My thoughts on transgender bathroom bills
Why you shouldn't take selfies with bison; and recently, a buffalo gored a woman in South Dakota
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson on Joe Rogan's podcast

Bonus material for patrons is about religion and being a better human, and in which order those things happen.

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