Josh: The Podcast, Episode 12: Hello, Birmingham. Plus: Kids shooting kids (again)

I spent a couple of quick days in Birmingham over the past week, and I came back to a 10-year-old accidentally shooting his 8-year-old cousin. You know how I feel about this, right? And then a 5-year-old in New Jersey shot a 4-year-old with his mom's gun. Sigh.

Links to stuff I talk about:
10-year-old shoots 8-year-old, parents say, "They know better"
5-year-old boy playing with mom's gun shoots, kills 4-year-old brother
Trim Tab Brewing Co.
Urban Standard
Holler & Dash
Forsyth Farmers Market
Prankster gets USA Today to print Cormac McCarthy death
Tamir Rice shooting in Cleveland
Cleveland suspends 63 officers in chase that ended in deaths of two unarmed people (nope, 63 is not a typo)

Bonus material for patrons is about doing some research and having good discussions.

In the bonus material for Episode 10, I asked Lewis Howes' question about three truths you know. Listener sent his three. I think they're worth sharing.

• When in doubt or despair there is always a way to fight or push through — never give up.
• There is no magic pill — there may be many different roads but every journey will require hustle and hard work.
• Don't get stuck on money is everything. Yes you need to support yourself and your family and determine where you are comfortable but more importantly, you should do something you love every day. As unrealistic as it sometimes sounds, it can be done. Find joy in your daily life.

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