Running 2016: Halfway home

A 2-fer on Saturday took me halfway to my 2016 running goal. 500 miles down, 500 miles to go.

The calendar said I was 13 days ahead of schedule — we were 170 days into the year with 196 left. Yeah, I know. I picked a leap year. If I reach my goal on Dec. 31, we'll put an asterisk on it.

It's not a given, obviously, that I'll get there. We hit triple digits on Friday for the first time, and it's only June. That means we've got probably another 10-12 weeks of weather that will stay too hot for me to run more than 18-20 miles a week without really feeling it. I still need to put an injury buffer in, just in case. I need to figure in time for a vacation (even though I'll probably get a couple of runs in during it).

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But I feel good, generally. I started running only in the past few years, and distances only in the past 13 months. It's very much a meditation for me now. It used to take me 75-80 minutes to get into a meditative rhythm. Now I can slide in after a few minutes. It's stress relief, it's escape, and it gives me a good time to just think.

Anyway, here's an old favorite. Enjoy.


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