Josh: The Podcast, Episode 15: Flag-burning, intellectual property and #FreeMilo

The world feels a little strange this week — I've been immersed in coverage of the Republican National Convention, to the point where it almost seems like everyday life when it's clearly a circus. My work shifts have been strange this week, which means I'm not rested at all; instead I've been trying to regulate my energy with a combination of running and meditation. The air conditioning has been out much of the week, which makes for grumpy Josh on top of the mixed realities.

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• Full coverage of the Republican National Convention from
• Was Melania Trump's speech plagiarized from Michelle Obama's?
• Does Meredith McIver really exist? (Appparently)
• Third Eye Blind trolls Republican fans
Ted Cruz didn't endorse Donald Trump
• Protests include flag-burning: Should that be a crime?
• Queen complains about use of their music
• Kelvin and I discuss living your life when the world is full of chaos
#FreeMilo: Banned, but seriously, listen to him; he's a troll (if a funny one).

Bonus material for patrons is about the power of words — specifically, do we make them too powerful?

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