Josh: The Podcast, Episode 15: Flag-burning, intellectual property and #FreeMilo

The world feels a little strange this week — I've been immersed in coverage of the Republican National Convention, to the point where it almost seems like everyday life when it's clearly a circus. My work shifts have been strange this week, which means I'm not rested at all; instead I've been trying to regulate my energy with a combination of running and meditation. The air conditioning has been out much of the week, which makes for grumpy Josh on top of the mixed realities.

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• Full coverage of the Republican National Convention from
• Was Melania Trump's speech plagiarized from Michelle Obama's?
• Does Meredith McIver really exist? (Appparently)
• Third Eye Blind trolls Republican fans
Ted Cruz didn't endorse Donald Trump
• Protests include flag-burning: Should that be a crime?
• Queen complains about use of their music
• Kelvin and I discuss living your life when the world is full of chaos
#FreeMilo: Banned, but seriously, listen to him; he's a troll (if a funny one).

Bonus material for patrons is about the power of words — specifically, do we make them too powerful?

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  • Good stuff, but I’m going to concentrate on the last two things you talked about.

    On the first one, I’d never heard of this guy until he’d been banned. Then I started doing some research on him and it seems he’s actually a repeat offender. The Leslie Jones thing was the last straw because some outlets were reporting that he either told or encouraged people to go to her Twitter page and go after her.

    That points out 3 things to me. One, indirectly he incited a riot, even if it was only on Twitter. Two, the racist stuff that was thrown her way was supported by him because he didn’t condemn any of it (do conservatives ever condemn racism, even when they’re married to someone in a minority group?). Three, many of his supporters seem to forget that Twitter, like Facebook, isn’t theirs for the using. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc, are under no obligation to protect anyone’s free speech, let alone free hateful speech. You called it right when you said it comes with responsibility and consequences, something I always say, and he got tagged with the consequences… along with many of his lesser known clones.

    On the second one… actually, I’m betting you already know this answer. You keep going along and dealing with it because the alternative is to find a way to take yourself out of “living”, either by the ultimate solution or staying in your house, not watching TV, not being on a computer, and reading Archie comic books for the rest of your life, where the only thing to worry about it Pop running out of ice cream for milkshakes (which I’ll admit is tragic lol). As a minority by skin color, there’s nowhere I could hide in public, so I just deal with the potential consequences and move on. I’m just happy that I’m older and thus seem less likely to be a threat to anyone… but one never knows do they?

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