Josh: The Podcast, Episode 21: Back in the 912. Plus: Beer

We're back at home (and work) after a wedding, baby-hugging tour and a whole bunch of new-to-me IPAs.

Join my work-life balance circle
Savannah Craft Beer Week
Josh on Untappd
Trillium Brewing
Wormtown Brewery
Middle Ages Brewing
Founders Brewing
Tree House Brewing
Firestone Walker
Mayflower Brewing
British Beer Company
Brew / Drink / Run
Coastal Empire Brewing
Service Brewing
Southbound Brewing
Moon River Brewing
Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium
Donald Trump in Mexico
Trump's immigration speech
Rock 'n' Roll Savannah
Robert Kelly on Bertcast

Bonus material for patrons is about remembering to wonder about how amazing we are as a species.

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