Holy crap, we’re an amazing species

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dejtingsidor gratis youtube The photo at the top of this post was taken with a cell phone on a plane while I was listening to Tchaikovsky on Sirius XM through headphones.

http://kortsptel.ga incontri per adulti udine Can we break all of this down for a minute?

dejta synonym click First off, I'm sitting in a chair in a metal tube in the sky with 150 other people. We're going 1,000 miles in under two hours. What a giant fuck you to gravity — and pretty much everything else we thought we knew 125 years ago.

dejta på nätet i finland there 125 years. Seriously. Your grandfather's grandfather was an adult already. That's a blink ago.

date charniere definition While sitting on this plane, I've got headphones in. There's sound coming through these little wired pods in my ears that only I can hear. Specifically, it is an orchestral recording that has been committed to some digital medium and sent from earth to space and then bounced back to me moving 500 mph through the sky in a metal tube.

http://tempranillop.ga dejta linköping quiz An orchestral recording? That's 100 different people sending sound through instruments we built and shaped to make sounds. All the sounds are coordinated because we came up with this language drawn in symbols we could all agree on that say, "On this instrument, play this sound for this long." And one person put all those instructions down on paper and someone else is standing up and reading it and leading a whole bunch of other people who are reading it to make sure everyone's in the same place.

http://tomtkeland.ga dejtingsajt kriminella ligor At the same time, the sound is traveling into some sort of device that captures that sound and can reproduce it in a format that is readable by other devices, including the one that can send it into space for me to hear.

http://drelistockholm.cf incontri persone sposate Cripes.

site de rencontre badoo de tahiti Now, can we look at the stuff in the photo?

dejta hästtjejer I don't even know where to start. Maybe with the book? It's full of words. Printed words. We not only agreed on sounds that mean something, we drew symbols to represent those sounds. Then we figured out how to pulp wood to make paper, have some ink and a press to permanently impress the symbols onto the paper, bind them together, and reproduce that a whole bunch of times.

http://mikmroponent.cf singlebörse gratis chat We then took that ink, created a container that can leak just a little bit, in a controlled manner when in contact with a solid surface, and put the ink inside.

http://konrazdw.ga användarnamn dejtingsida Now look a little to the left. We got more ink to stay on that napkin, which is a different version of the reconstituted pulped wood. The cup is yet another version of reconstituted pulped wood, also with some ink, and it's full of hot coffee — a drink that is amazing in itself. We took this berry, got the seed out, roasted the seed and steeped it in hot water. And we managed to get it hot in a metal tube in the sky.

helt gratis dejting på nätet If you can look at everything around you and not be AMAZED at our ingenuity, you might need a perception adjustment.

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