Josh: The Podcast, Episode 32: A Bill of Rights problem. Plus: Creativity, fear and hard work


We're still talking about Trump's transition to the White House and some of the public fallout, fear, etc. We also talk about the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. And we take some time to digress to talk about creativity, hard work and more.

Warning: Explicit, and maybe loud

Bill of Rights (full text)
3-year-old shot, killed in Michigan
The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner
The Playbook by Omkari Williams
2016 running goal
Steal Like an Artist Journal by Austin Kleon
• Mike Rowe on Lewis Howes' Podcast Part 1 | Part 2
Man tells woman to take off hijab or he'll set her on fire
"Kill kill kill blacks" written on wall at elementary school
Steve Bannon appointed Donald Trump's chief strategist White nationalists love it
Trump tells protesters not to worry, and asks supporters to stop the violence

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