Josh: The Podcast, Episode 43: Participate

We have a much more measured reaction to the events of the day (I think; I dunno, you decide), talking about how to participate in government. We reach into the Trump did something right file!

Another Adventure Daycare
How to contact your Senators and Congressmen
How to tell if you're registered to vote in more than one state
How to get your FBI file

Trump honors Ryan Owens' remains
Two Republican Senators say no to Betsy DeVos
Marc Maron's opening rant on being a good American
Duncan Trussell's opening rant on empathy
Women's marches large and peaceful
Protests at airports after vague travel ban
Trump supporter beaten in Portland airport protest
Milo Yiannopoulos protest
Space of Mind
Trump's bad call with Australia's prime minister
Trump threatens to send troops to Mexico

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