Josh: The Podcast, Episode 63: Find that one thing — a conversation with Jeffrey Sass (plus book giveaway!)

Jeff Sass has had an interesting journey, and the jumping point that led him through the rest of his career (so far) was a stint at Troma, a studio that has for 40 years made gloriously bad movies. His book, Everything I Know About Business and Marketing, I Learned from the Toxic Avenger, came out in May.

He's been ahead of the tech curve a few times, including having the Toxic Avenger (a Troma superhero) do an online Q&A in 1994, creating CD-ROMs, getting into virtual reality in the late 1990s, creating an online/SMS price comparison tool in 1999/2000 and getting into the top-level domain space as soon as ICANN opened it up in 2011. He gives us a look at what he thinks is coming next.

He is currently the chief marketing officer for the .CLUB domain.

We talk about the book, including the process and tips for people who might want to write a book; what Jeff thinks is coming down the pike in the tech space; and finding the one thing that makes you love your job, your partner or anything else that you might not be feeling passionate about.

We're also giving away a copy of the book; listen all the way to the end of the podcast to find out how to win.

A couple of corrections/updates: We name the author of Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit Steven Pressman; it's the great Steven Pressfield (whose work is mentioned with some frequency on this podcast). Also, Alphabet (Google's parent) announced it sale of Boston Dynamics after this podcast was recorded.

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