Baby steps: The way back to creativity

If you've been listening to the podcast, you know I spend much of July dealing with some creative stumbling blocks. We even did an episode on it over at JKWD.

You'll notice the output didn't stop: A new JKWD every Monday. A new blog post ever Tuesday. A new Josh: The Podcast every Thursday.

Showing up and consistency are a large part of the battle against creative blocks. They're simple, but not easy.

Here we are, getting into August, and I have some thoughts coming back into my brain. It might be a month of short hits, much like Seth Godin posts about weekly (he blogs every day, but every now and then, a post is under 150 words — under 100, even — and brings a sharp jolt.

I'll be looking for more sharp jolts this month, and exceptionality as we move into fall.

Happy Tuesday.


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