What passion and purpose look (sound) like


In the early 2000s, one of Jon Vroman's friends challenged him to run an ultramarathon. That's two full marathons back to back — 52.4 miles — and Vroman hadn't ever run more than a couple of miles before.

One day on a training run, Vroman, who at that time was a successful sales coach, suggested they use the race as a fundraiser.

They had a hard time picking a charity so they did the next best thing: created one.

The Front Row Foundation works with terminally ill patients and their families to provide "front row moments" at recipients' dream events. It's not just tickets to the event. The organization makes an amazing overall experience, from limo pickups to nice dinners to meet-and-greets when possible.

Nikki, for example, suffers from HER2-Positive Stage IV Breast Cancer. She's a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan. Check out how Front Row Foundation hooked her up:

Vroman's gone on to become a speaker and coach, and is author of The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with the Art of Moment Making.

The book is really inspiring, and so is Jon. He graced us with over an hour of discussion over on the JKWD Podcast. Give it a listen and learn how to win a personalized hardcover copy of the book.


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