Male infertility: The procedure is upcoming

I'm right about 24 hours from my scheduled varicocele embolization. [If you're new here and don't know what I'm talking about, read the rest of this series here.]

I'm spending the day being more or less normal. I'll go for a long run, which, while it's normally something I do the second half of the week, is par for the course when I'm going to undertake something that's a bit different for me. Then I'll have breakfast, take a nap, walk the dog and go to work.

I'll stop eating and drinking before midnight, finish work at 3, get a couple of hours of sleep and get to the outpatient surgery center by 8, tired from a short sleep and no liquids for eight hours.

The recovery is supposed to be something on the order of 2-3 days. I imagine Thursday morning will find me somewhat groggy as the last of the anesthetics wears off; they're doing that thing where they put you mostly out, but they kind of expect you to fall asleep anyway (which, given my lack of sleep at that point, won't be an issue).

Since sperm take about three months to generate, we'll expect to do another seed test in mid-late August.

We'll check back in here when we're upright and thinking.


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