Infertility journey: Happy surprises

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The morning I went in for my varicocele embolization, we got a little surprise: a positive pregnancy test.

If you go back to the beginning of this series, you'll find that after some lifestyle changes, I had greatly increased sperm count and motility. The third aspect we were looking for, however, saw only a mild increase.

Appearance is the third important factor, with 14% of sperm appearing normal being a desired threshold. My lifestyle changes had raised the percentage of normal-appearing sperm from zero percent to 1%.

But, as we found out, one percent is not zero, and it made a difference.

We decided we would go through with the procedure because we do want to have more than one child, and this would more than likely help our chances.

Beyond that, many men with varicoceles have this procedure because they are in a fair amount of pain; I wasn't, but now that shouldn't be a concern for me in the future.

We'll still look to get another semen analysis this fall, since right about now is the time i should have a fresh batch of sperm from after the procedure.

Anyway, thanks for coming along on this journey. We're looking forward to meeting our little one in January!


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