Sit and let sit

"I didn't know it was going to be a 55-gallon drum!"
                    — Kelvin Ringold

One of the things we did when Kelvin visited Savannah — we mentioned it during a recent podcast — was to head over to my neighborhood Jalapeño's for lunch.

Jalapeño's is a Mexican restaurant run by Mexicans, not one of those California-Mexican joints with overstuffed burritos that puts avocado on everything so they can charge an extra $3 for it. Not that I don't love those places, but (go ahead, call me a racist) I want to see Mexicans eating in my Mexican joints.


Kelvin wandered off to the restroom and left me to order drinks, which he'll never do again, because I ordered a couple of tall beers. Sundays, that's $2.50 for 24 oz. of Dos Equis (XX) in a fairly hefty glass.

We also ordered lunch ($9 apiece for a boatload of food) and we sat and talked. And talked. And talked. About 90 minutes later, the server dropped off the check and said there was no hurry. We paid but then sat there for another half hour to talk and finish our beers.

There was no checking in to see if we would buy something else. No interrupting just to make sure we were doing OK.

The good folks at the restaurant just let us sit and catch up.

Now, maybe that's a lesson in how to run an establishment, especially when there isn't a line of people waiting for tables (I still think establishments should let people sit as long as they want to despite later patrons' desire for churn, but then again, I don't make money by getting more people to order food).

But maybe it's also a lesson in sitting.

My favorite bit in The Miracle of Mindfulness is a reminder to "wash the dishes to wash the dishes," because if you're washing the dishes but thinking about the dessert you'll get to share with friends afterward, when you're eating the dessert with your friends you'll be thinking about what's next.

We weren't worried about what came after the beer and the lunch conversation. We were just eating and drinking and talking.

And when we were finished eating, we drank and talked.

And when we finished drinking, we talked.

And when we finished talking, we got in the car and went home.

Give yourself the opportunity to just hang and be. Give that opportunity as well to your friends, your relatives, your customers and perfect strangers just soaking up now.


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