May 2019 in podcast-land

Here's what happened during May over at JKWD and Better Humanhood.

Introduction to happiness | Better Humanhood, episode 14

What is happiness? What does it look like? What does it do in our brains? We start a three-part series on happiness, one of the core subjects we love exploring at Better Humanhood.

The consequences of convenience | JKWD, episode 152

Yes, things are getting more convenient. Yes, that means progress. But are we doing useful things with our free time? What are we losing through our newly found conveniences?

When is happiness? | Better Humanhood, episode 15

Were you happy? Are you happy? Will you be happy? Heck, will you have been happy? In the second part of a three-part series on happiness, we discuss the time element of being happy.

Seeing humanity in our heroes | JKWD, episode 153

Kelvin says he has no heroes, but what does that mean, exactly? We examine heroes vs. hero worship.

What makes us happy? | Better Humanhood, episode 16

In the third part of a three-part series on happiness, we look at the things that make us happy.

Side hustle success with Tracey Minutolo | JKWD, episode 154

Many 9-5ers and stay-at-home parents have side hustles, like virtual assistant, social media consulting, coaching or multi-level marketing businesses. Tracey Minutolo is out to help those people achieve success.

What does Memorial Day mean? | Better Humanhood, episode 17

We often think of Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer in the U.S., but where does it come from? What does it really mean?

On resilience | JKWD, episode 155

When things are happening around (or to) you that aren't necessarily ideal, are you a martyr for no cause, or are you resilient, pushing through to be your best, even if your best isn't as great as it is some days?

Human improvement and 'first world problems' | Better Humanhood, episode 18

Every generation has a "kids these days" moment, but between Gen Xers and Millennials, we had a huge technological leap, and problems today aren't even recognizable to earlier generations.


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