August 2019 in podcast-land

We're still cranking 'em out! If for some reason you're not listening to Better Humanhood or JKWD, go look. Better Humanhood comes out on Thursday and is typically an audio version of whatever we published over here on Wednesday, sometimes with additional anecdotes and sidebars that are way more rambling in print than they are in audio. You never know what's coming up on JKWD (well, unless you read the descriptions).

As always, our podcasts are brought to you by Kettle & Fire. Save 10% off your order with code BetterHumanhood.

Anyway, here's what we were rocking in August:

Better Humanhood #27: Agrippa's Trilemma

Who needs a rabbit hole to go down? Why? Ugh. That's why. Why? Arrrgh!

JKWD #165: Keys to master your mindset

A primary focus in Kelvin's work is mindset coaching. Today, he gives us an overview of how to take control and master our mindsets.

Better Humanhood #28: Impostor syndrome

Something that many people moving on and up in their careers — or starting new businesses, raising their prices, etc. — suffer from is impostor syndrome. What is it?

JKWD #166: Stir it up

Are you starting to feel complacent? Stir up some ... stuff.

Better Humanhood #29: Boost your confidence

Do you need more confidence? How about less? Here's how to find the right balance. Hold my beer!

JKWD #167: Finish

Do you start things and just not finish them? Did you ever think about why, or what it would take to finish?

Better Humanhood #30: Get more focus, ditch distractions

What is focus? How does it manifest in our brains? How about distractions? How can we avoid them?

JKWD #168: Love languages, personality tests and the real you

We talk about The 5 Love Languages, CliftonStrengths, Myers-Briggs, and other personality tests, and how they might be instructive, even if they don't truly define who you really are.

Better Humanhood #31: What is Labor Day?

While today Labor Day is often celebrated as the unofficial end of summer — the last day for beaches, vacation seasons and outdoor pools, and in some cases the last day of summer break for public school systems — its intended purpose is to celebrate the contribution of the labor force.


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