Give a shit

“It’s so hard to get people to give a shit,” Whitney Cummings tells Bert Kreischer.

And she’s talking about everything — #MeToo, truth, your friends.

Cummings had just come off a social media blackmail incident. She took a selfie in the shower, put it on Instagram and Twitter, and then realized her nipples were showing. She took it down, but not before someone downloaded the image and began contacting her, asking for money in exchange for not posting the photo.

She took charge, posted the image, and some of her friends in the comedy world added to the thread with some of their own embarrassing pics.

They gave a shit about her, and proved it publicly, sometimes in a funny way that most of us in the “normal” work world never would have done.

The more I think about it, this is the essence of what I want Better Humanhood to be, in three words.

Give a shit.

Why? Because it’s important. We post belittling memes on Facebook. We yell at strangers on Twitter. We find something we don’t like on page 147 of a new book and we declare everything in that author’s collected works worthless. We taunt people for not knowing the answer to every conceivable question, and we refuse to allow that people grow smarter as they age.

Yet when we sit down and speak to people in real terms, without hypotheticals and without making up some mysterious “other,” we can disagree civilly and maybe even learn from each other.

The people we are when we’re having a sandwich and a beer together, uninhibited by the expectations of people in our in-group or the need to virtue signal (that is, declare a view popular among people you wish to impress, totally devoid of nuance)? Those are the people we should be all the time.

If Red Sox and Yankees fans can sit together in the stands, eat hot dogs and enjoy the game — meanwhile hating with every fiber of their being the other’s favorite uniform — surely we can disagree on the best way to move our world forward without throwing bricks at each other.

If we can’t give a shit about each other, why even be here? Be better.


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