Run training diary, week 2: Cardio

It’s time to retire these bad boys. I think it’s been over a year. Thanks for your service, fellas. Sorry I let you go so long!

This week presented the first heat challenge. After working until 2 a.m. Monday night, I didn’t get out until almost 10:00 Tuesday morning, and it was already pushing 90°, with a heat index nearing 100°. I decided that I’d keep a close eye on my heart rate, and if I approached 170, I would walk until it was closer to 140.

After my normal route for the opening mile, I hopped down a road I’d never been on and discovered it was shady, so I gave it a go. Very nice. It was challenging, but speed was not the goal — finishing safely was.

My max heart rate that day was lower than it was on two of my Week 1 runs. And you’ll see that my long run (just 4 miles for now this but it’ll get longer in a hurry) was the first run I paced under a 12-minute mile. My Thursday run came out with a fairly low level of strain, comparatively.

So my fitness level is improving.

I didn’t lose any weight after the first week (not the goal, but it would be a very welcome side effect), so I started the week at 181 pounds again.

I explained all the measuring in the Week 1 post.

Here are stats for Week 2:

Date Prescribed Actual Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Sleep Recovery Strain (run only)
6/30 3 3.01 39:35 13:10 158 183 76 45 14.8
7/2 3 3.01 38:11 12:40 142 162 74 79 12.7
7/4 4 4.01 48:00 11:58 152 181 78 85 15.2
7/5 3 3.14 38:36 12:19 151 178 58 37 14.0

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