Run training diary, week 3:

New kicks!

You’ll notice my times are a little off this week, but there are reasons. Mainly I started a focused diet. I won’t share what, so as to avoid having sniping conversations about why you think yours is better. I’ve done this diet before and I dropped 30 pounds — and it took me another decade, ending in a sedentary year followed by a pandemic to gain it back. So I’m thinking it will work again.

But it will mess with my energy levels for a couple of weeks.

Most of my runs were particularly slow, involving plenty of walking. It was hot hot all week, with a bunch of humidity to boot.

I’ve also begun running in new shoes. Which I like, but it’ll take a little time to get used to. They’re not that different from my previous pair, but they are different enough to feel it a bit. Brooks seems to be the only brand to fit me consistently with the same size on my short, somewhat wide feet.

But we’re not looking to win the race, just to finish. And so my miles are slow, but they are all the miles.

I explained all the measuring in the Week 1 post.

Starting weight: 179.8

Date Prescribed Actual Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Sleep Recovery Strain (run only)
7/7 4 4.07 54:52 13:30 151 173 82 40 15
7/9 4 4.01 57:05 14:14 151 174 75 59 15.7
7/11 5 5.24 1:11:06 13:34 146 179 58 42 15.7
7/12 3 3.01 38:08 12:39 141 164 70 76 12.8

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