Run training diary, week 4: Salty dogs

This is kibble. It is dog food. I am not kibble. I am not dog food.

This was an interesting week.

Thursday I was chased on my run by two dogs who weren’t fenced in the yard or on a run and their owner wasn’t around.

Fortunately they were smallish dogs, and I was able to fend them off with posturing and vocalization (read: standing up straight, holding up my hands and yelling, “stop!”).

Aside: Keep your dogs in the yard. If they had continued on toward me, I may have have had to defend myself, which probably would have involved kicking them, likely breaking ribs, and whether they had bitten me or not, it probably would have moved into some sort of legal repercussions, and that’s no fun for anyone (and if they had bitten me, that’s unwanted rabies treatments for me and, sadly, the law says the dogs would need to be euthanized).

On the plus side, I was introduced by a colleague to electrolyte salts (non-affiliate). I’ve been using SaltStick caps, which I’ve liked, but haven’t been doing it for me this time around, especially day to day — some days I drink upwards of 150oz of water and don’t feel hydrated.

A couple of days into using BASE (in conjunction with the SaltStick), I feel a little better; I’ll update as I get into hotter and more humid runs (the salts showed up Friday and my Saturday and Sunday runs are always early morning, before the heat sets in).

Sunday I was stopped on my run to help jump a car, so it was certainly an interruptive week.

Next week I shift the schedule around a bit so my wife and I can celebrate our anniversary (runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday instead of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, along with the Sunday recovery).


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Another week in n the books. #running

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I explained all the measuring in the Week 1 post.

Starting weight: 177.4

Date Prescribed Actual Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Sleep Recovery Strain (run only)
7/14 4 4.06 53:48 13:16 146 168 76 64 15
7/16 4 4.03 1:00:02 14:53 152 184 60 86 16.1
7/18 5 5.19 1:05:58 12:42 154 201 62 58 16.8
7/19 3 3.07 39:55 13:01 142 165 60 81 12.7

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