Run training diary, week 9: Canceled

The larger race I’ve been training for, the Savannah edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, has been canceled.

But the day it was scheduled for, I’m going to run a half marathon anyway. I’ll have to gear up instead of getting some water and gels on the way, and I’ll have to think about a route, since I won’t be running the race route, but it also means that I can sleep in a bit, leave the house in daylight, and instead of getting to a parking lot on a schedule and then over to the start line, I can ask my wife to meet me downtown for breakfast in three hours.

This was a tough running week. I was under-rested all week with some transition stuff at home and I had some walking intervals on Thursday and Saturday and I lost my streak of sub-13-minute runs.

But the important thing is to keep pounding. Onward.

I explained all the measuring in the Week 1 post.

Date Prescribed Actual Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Sleep Recovery Strain (run only)
8/18 4 4.01 49:42 12:23 153 201 67 47 15.8
8/19 5 5.01 1:02:31 12:39 152 179 61 39 17.2
8/20 4 4.01 53:14 13:16 149 198 66 46 14.5
8/22 8 8.02 1:45:29 13:09 149 162 55 56 17.4
8/23 2-3 2.69 33:27 12:26 133 163 73 87 10.9

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