Run training diary, week 10: Brutal

This week could best be described as brutal, but with a bright spot. One.

I missed a run. I woke up early Tuesday, took the dog for a walk and our daughter woke up and her face looked like she’d just gone four rounds with Laila Ali. At 2’6″ and 22 pounds, you can imagine she didn’t fare too well.

Larry Hagner says of parenting, imagine you want to be a police officer, and on Day 1, instead of sending you to the academy, they hand you a badge and a gun and tell you to go fight crime. He’s not wrong — our experience was the nurses at the hospital did everything for us for 48 hours and then sent us home with a baby and a good luck.

But little prepares you for a swollen half-a-face to be a “normal, expected” reaction to a bug bite, and not even one that she’s probably allergic to.

So I was awake, hopped up on pre-workout (my stack is coffee, SaltStick capsules, an antihistamine, and then three products from Onnit: beta alanine, Shroom Tech Sport and Alpha Brain), pacing around with a 20-month-old in my arms waiting for the on-call nurse to call me back and trying to keep Momma calm, and packing and re-packing a bag since I was sure I was about to be in for a long day at urgent care.

When the nurse called, she basically said, give her a little Benadryl if she needs it; if she gets a fever or it starts to get infected come on in, but it’ll be worst in the morning and should start clearing up in three or four days.

So, yeah, I missed a run. And the next day’s five-miler may have been on extra rest, but it felt like I had never run before. So a struggle week, but we keep going.

I muscled through Thursday’s four-miler, and then Friday, which would have been a rest day, we went another murky four-miler to make up for Tuesday.

I planned to get up at 3:45 Saturday so I could get eight miles in before my 7 a.m. shift, but the wee human woke up screaming at 1:30 and we finally got her back to sleep at 4. I woke up a couple hours later with my recovery at 2 percent. Two!

So I called an audible, decided I would take a rest day and I would just miss my recovery run.

Sunday I went my eight miles. It was the only run all week with no walking, went better than last week’s eight miler, and my two fastest miles were miles eight and seven (and honestly, there was only a 26-second difference between my fastest and slowest mile, which is certainly a consistently paced run).

Here’s to a better week! Onward!

I explained all the measuring in the Week 1 post.

Date Prescribed Actual Time Pace Avg HR Max HR Sleep Recovery Strain (run only)
8/25 4 4.03 58:10 14:26 142 162 67 42 14.2
8/26 5 5.02 1:05:48 13:06 135 176 67 93 15.1
8/27 4 4 57:04 14:15 131 177 51 38 13.8
8/29 8 8.02 1:42:51 12:50 150 180 75 48 18.3
8/30 2-3 0



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