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Celebrating the Arts with the Future Fund

I know, I know, I haven't posted anywhere in a while. Not here, not 365 walks, not anywhere. But I have to tell you about this event happening next Thursday, May 17. Back in September, I let you know why I'm working with the Future Fund. The Future Fund is a giving circle – in […]


Old Newsboys? No, it’s not a sales gimmick

Every year someone has something stupid to say about the Old Newsboys campaign. In case you're unfamiliar with this, a bunch of people go around "selling" The Post-Standard and asking for extra donations on a two-day campaign. It looks very much like the newspaper is just trying to expand its reach, but actually, all those […]

Why I’m working with the Future Fund

Most of us will never be philanthropists on the scale of Bill and Melinda Gates. The foundation model – one in which one huge donation gets an endowment together and the interest pays out grants (while the foundation continues to solicit donations to add to the endowment) – is changing, Katherine Fulton explains in her […]

[ stability ] + [ passion ]

I'm not one for resolutions. Well, I was last year and year before, but it turns out I didn't look back on them at all, make the goals and track them. So I'm looking at this young calendar year, and figuring out what it's going to be. 2010 was a year of upheaval – and […]

Bringing out the big guns

OK, still haven't donated to the Give thanks. Walk.? Watch the video, then read the standard fare below, taking appropriate action. Thanks Jason has put a ton of effort into organizing a team for this walk, so I'm asking that you donate to his page. If for some reason you'd rather my name be on […]

Walking for Dylan

I'm going to cut the rambling and let the kids do the talking. Watch Dylan's story. It puts a face on why it's all cancer all the time on the blog this week. And now for my standard give 'graph: Jason has put a ton of effort into organizing a team for this walk, so […]

What are you thankful for?

Fight Childhood Cancer Week continues! Yesterday, we did the what cancer means to you thing. Today, we talk thankfulness. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for a lot. I have amazing people around me. I'm employed. I don't have cancer. I have two healthy legs. And I can afford to donate money to charity. […]

What does cancer mean to you?

Yesterday, we kicked off Fight Childhood Cancer Week with a little bit about the Give thanks. Walk. Today, we're jumping right in and talking about what cancer means to you. And to me. I've lost relatives close and distant and friends close and distant to cancer. I've seen, up-close, someone go through chemotherapy, radiation, and […]

Stepping Off For Hope

It's the fall edition of Fight Childhood Cancer week on (that beard thing will be back in the late winter/early spring)! This Saturday (which, coincidentally, is my birthday, which means you have to listen to me here) I'll join Team Jason's Disaster and a bunch of other walking a 5K to raise money for […]

Sinai Seeks To Help in Pakistan

For all my Western Mass. friends, relatives and readers, Sinai Temple is looking to help out in Pakistan via the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts. A letter from Rabbi Shapiro: *** Dear Sinai – The floods that have struck Pakistan constitute what we at Sinai have always defined as a “world crisis.” Lives lost; homes […]