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3 things to make your life easier in 2014

Three quick small changes you can make in everyday habits to shave some time. 1. Loop the other way when you tie your shoes. This takes some getting used to, since you've been tying your shoes one way for decades. It took me about a month to make this automatic, but the knot definitely holds […]


Three things you can read every week to get smarter in 2014

I read a lot. Most of the stuff I read is absolute crap, but I read it because I'm hoping it will teach me something. But no longer. I spent 2013 consuming as many words as I could, and I figured out that there are three things I could read every week that will make […]

What’s wrong with online reading (question mark or period, you decide)

This is the 500th post on this blog (for those of you who have been with me online for a while, you know I've had a few blogs and this is more like the 1500th post I've written, but it's an interesting enough milestone for this specific post, I think). Settle in. If (big if, […]

Create something

Rodney Mullen is an icon from my youth. He was the first to do a lot of things with a skateboard. From a public eye standpoint, he was usually overshadowed by Tony Hawk, but from a skating standpoint, the two were complementary – Hawk did a lot of power moves: high air, lots of twists […]

What’s the value of free?

Oh my. Did you watch that video? Because if not, you should. It's about a prayer book. A really old one. That was written on top of three other books. By that, I mean whoever wrote the prayer book had these three books. He cut them up, erased them, bound them again, and then wrote […]

Dollar Shave Club

I'm officially a fan-boy. For those of you who don't know me, I require a lot of razor blades. I shave my head, and if I could get a job growing beards, I'd be among the highest paid members of my profession. Think: "I just saw you last week. Where the hell did you get […]

Why a PC bought an iPad

I was brought up an Apple guy. The products are sleek and easy to use (sleek is relative, I guess, since the first Apple my family used was an Apple IIe, which was basically a box on top of another box, and my first Apple was an LC II, which was the same box-on-box design, […]

Use all your available input

There's a lot in this talk. It's about chemicals and food and saving the environment by tricking your taste buds into thinking that the watermelon grown in some guy's back yard down the street is tuna transported from the Pacific Ocean 2500 miles inland. What I'm taking from it today, though, is that your eyes […]

Backing Salmonboy

One night, New York City-based experimental filmmaker Star Drooker had a dream about a woman with a birth mark in the middle of her forehead. The next morning, he drove to Vermont, and met Trish Overstreet. Within 24 hours they had decided they would get married, open a vegetarian cafe and performance space, have a […]

Let something interrupt your day

I tend to plan my days pretty tightly. It keeps me productive, but it definitely means a lot of things have to go right (traffic, weather, etc.). Just ask the guy who has the shift after mine at work; if he shows up more than a minute or two late, he gets The Glare. I […]