Saying thanks: Wedding vendors

trouver une prostituée a lille see It's now under three months until my wedding. We've been blessed in this process by having talented friends and family who we love and who love us. Only our flower vendor (whom I'll also mention here) was a stranger at

How Apple isn’t doing it for me right now

rencontre lapin rose Update 3, 9/13: So, it's been a month, and still no follow-up. Apple released a new iPhone yesterday. Yeah, I'm an Android fan anyway, but I can't even consider getting another Apple device, since I don't know when I'll be

How to get better customer service

la rencontre amoureuse fle link Still doing the disclaimer reminder thing, since this gets close to work: The following opinions are mine, not my employer's. Yesterday I offered some advice as a hiring manager in the customer service field on how to give better customer