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Why [I] won’t be returning to Empire Brewing Co.

Update 4/7/13 — It's clear to me that I've gotten my point across with this post and my emails to the restaurant; I think I've had a healthy enough exchange with Empire, and that they've done enough to try to do right by me. As I mentioned in the original post, I think the restaurant […]


Tasting Charleston: Boulevard Diner

Shrimp and cheesy grits and fried pickle spears at Boulevard Diner. Despite the fact that it's the last Tasting Charleston spot I'm writing about, Boulevard Diner was our first restaurant stop in Charleston. We stopped after a windy walk at Shem Creek, where we saw shrimp boats and pluff mud and piles of oysters sitting […]

Tasting Charleston: Black Bean Co.

While on the way to Folly Beach – because if it's semi-warm enough to walk on sand during the winter months, you do – we got hungry and, in an effort to umm, push through some of the fried southern cuisine we'd been eating, we stopped at the Black Bean Co., a local chain. I […]

Tasting Charleston: Hyman’s Seafood

Photo from Hyman's Seafood Hyman's Seafood is one of those tourist places that locals eat, sort of like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Syracuse. It's always busy, the hush puppies are amazing, and there's always an owner or manager around to come chat. The gentleman that came to chat us up was an older fellow in a […]

Tasting Charleston: Waffle House

OK, so Waffle House is a national chain; in fact, if you're so inclined, it'll take you less than two hours from Syracuse to get to the one in Clark's Summit, Pa. But Waffle House is uniquely southern, and I'm not sure I'd visit one north of the Mason-Dixon line – you can give people […]

Tasting Charleston: Martha Lou’s Kitchen

Fried chicken, green beans, mac & cheese and rice & chitlins at Martha Lou's Kitchen, Charleston, SC. Let's start with what Martha Lou's Kitchen is not. Martha Lou's is not a place you drive by and say, "I've gotta try that someday." It's an airbrushed pink trailer on a rocky lot in a neighborhood you'd […]

Go to Hullar’s

I corrected a wrong on my eat local resume last weekend by going to Hullar's. This place has been around since the early 19th century, and it still has a neighborhood pub atmosphere. We started by walking in, putting our names on the list and flopping down at the bar for beers next to someone […]

Know your customers: 2 very different dining experiences

Last weekend, I visited my parents in Springfield, Mass., to help get some stuff out of the house (they're moving to South Carolina, where the snowblower will be useless, the seafood and taxes cheaper, and the retirement easier). We went out to eat twice, and had two very different experiences. The food, in both cases, […]

Some Central New York food businesses you’re missing

I sat down with Tracy recently and she reminded me that I needed to do another post about places I like. So, here are some of my current favorites. Cafe at 407 I've written about 407 before. I'm actually sitting in the cafe writing this blog post, staring at the real whipped cream on top […]

5 Central New York Spots You Might Have Overlooked

Last summer, I did a series on Central New York places you might want to work from or bring a client to. Here are those posts: • 5 Syracuse-area Coffee Shops to Work From • 5 Syracuse-area Bars to Work From • 5 Places to Bring Clients in the Syracuse Area (Note: Edward Thomas Cigar […]